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Here you will find downloadable speech therapy games that your child or student will enjoy. They are interactive and will also provide effective strategies for increasing your child or student's communication skills. It is advised that the child is assisted when first playing each game and eventually they will be able to play these games independently. 
Language Games
Find the Preposition
Click on the picture to see if you find the correct preposition.
What Doesn't Belong                            Click on the picture that doesn't belong.   
Laser Artic_SH Sounds
As you say each word, click on the diamond and watch it go away! 
Star Blink Articulation_S
Click on the star and see if you can find the word that has the /s/ sound. When you find that word, make sure to produce it correctly! 
Minimal Pairs: Final Consonant Deletion      Say each set of words and feel and produce the ending                                                                                       sound in minimal word pair.